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The Rehoboth Beach Writers’ Guild is founded on the belief that the writing–and sharing–of our stories matters. We are enormously proud of our many published writers, but publication isn’t our ultimate goal. What matters is the telling of the story, whether that happens while sitting around a table at a Free Write, standing before an audience at one of our monthly readings, sharing drafts of one’s writing in a workshop– or publishing. Regardless of a writer’s genre or skill level, the Rehoboth Beach Writers’ Guild offers education, encouragement and above all, a nurturing community of people who care about–and value–words.
– Maribeth Fischer, Founder and Executive Director

Fun Read!

For first timers and veteran guild free writers, Gayla Sullivan’s essay is a must read. Click here to display “How to Write at a Free Write: A Beginner’s Guide”.

From Delaware Beach Life.

Click here to read or revisit the July 2013 issue of Delaware Beach that featured an article about the Rehoboth Beach Writers’ Guild and other coastal writing groups.

Beach Life
Click on the icon (left) to link to the web site of the Delaware Beach LIfe, published by our own Terry Plowman. This beautiful magazine features in depth articles about local events and people, some written by guild members. It is not to be missed!

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Check out this awesome interview from ContentDelaware, where Maribeth talks about what the guild is all about! See the Events page for details about other regularly scheduled RBWG events.